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Climbing The Hill

by Raven Cook My fingers were fidgeting as I held the paper. I could feel myself getting anxious but I knew I could do it. Looking at the scenery of the hills – the leaves red, yellow and orange – calmed me down. I saw students half way up, some of them taking their time,…

My Treaty 4 in 4 Days

by Raven Cook The first time I lead the Blanket Exercise with Kaleya.I was nervous but it was good. The Treaty 4 Groundsa beautiful view.  During the talking circlethe responses we got were great.I loved hearing their thoughts.  Shaking hands in the circleit felt good and it made me feel like I was respected.  They were one of my favourite…

The First Interview I Ever Had

by Michael Starr-DesnomieThe Interview  Tribes\’ Artefacts  Traditional Drawings on the Tipis  Tipi Activities  Tipis  Flags  Bro and Tipi  First Interview I Ever Had       

Our Knowledge to You

By Logan Goodwill and Dante Bear  Teaching History  Talking Circle  Our Grounds  Sharing Knowledge  Listening  Folding  Starting Off Small   

#oskijourney Week One Highlights

\”My first week of school was alright. I liked it. I didn\’t skip a day, so that\’s good. Mrs. Koops\’ class wasn\’t what I expected. Now that I know how it will be, I\’m curious to see how this school year will be :)\” Raven Cook\”My first week was pretty great. Met some new people.…

To Start a Friendship

Flash Back Friday with Oski-pimohtahtamwak otayisīniwiwaw Grads 2017 In June 2017, we travelled to Wadena to Share the Kairos Blanket Exercise. Here\’s what two new friends had to say, Cole Taylor and Michael Cardinal. Sheena: You said some beautiful things in the talking circle. Do you mind sharing them with me again? Cole: “My pre-notations (were) that…

Feast Protocol and Kit Demonstration

by the students of Oski-pimohtahtamwak otayisīniwiwaw Next Monday, September 11th, our entire school is going to the Treaty 4 Feast at the powwow grounds. Our class spent a couple hours going from room to room explaining feast protocol and demonstrating what a feast kit entails. At first Mrs. Koops was explaining, but then she was called to the office.Here\’s how Logan…

Just Like Our Grandmother

Throwback Thursday from September 2016Just Like Our Grandmotherby Truth, Jerrett, Shorty, Sheena and Ashton  \”We were honoured to have Elder Alma in our class,\” says Truth. \”I learned a few things about sweetgrass and smudging, and what you\’re supposed to do with it after you\’re done using it. You take all the ashes and put them somewhere…

First Time Through the Kairos Blanket Exercise

by Mrs. Koops and Raven CookAfter our talking circle this morning we used the blankets we were sitting on to begin learning about the Kairos Blanket Exercise. Calen and Taiven were the narrators and Raven and Michael were the Europeans. We lay the scrolls and babies on the blankets and handed out the white, blue, yellow and yellow…


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