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About Us: Student Activity Committee and Partners

Sheena Koops

Sheena is a descendant of settler peoples, Norwegian, Irish/Scotch and Irish/English who came to Treaty 4 territory in the late 1800’s/early 1900’s as well as the Robinson Huron Treaty in the mid 1800’s. Sheena is a Nation Builder Advocate with Treaty Education Alliance and has been a teacher for 25 years. She wrote “As Long as the Grass Grows: A Treaty Song from Saskatchewan” in 2015.

Sharon Anaquod (pronounced Anahkwat, meaning Cloud in Anishinabe)

Sharon is a member of the Muscowpetung Saulteaux First Nation and has been an educator for 17 years serving as an elementary teacher, Principal, Student Advocate, and Teacher Mentor and currently, Numeracy Consultant with the File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council in Treaty 4 Territory. 

Vanea Cyr

Vanea is from the Pasqua First Nation however resides in Regina. She has been an educator for 21 years with Regina Public School Division. She currently is the Supervisor of Indigenous Education with Regina Public School Division.

Tekeyla (pronounced Tequila) Friday

Tekeyla is Metis. She works for the Chinook Regional Library as the children’s programmer. She is a writer and claymation artist.

Alana Starr

Alana Starr is a registered member of the Muscowpetung Saulteaux Nation. Her ancestral homelands are from the File Hills area, more specifically the Starblanket Cree Nation. Alana currently works for the File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council as the Literacy & Home-Based Learning Consultant.

Curtis Bourassa

Curtis is a white settler, working in Treaty 4 and Treaty 2 territories. He is currently an Instructional Technology Consultant for South East Cornerstone Public School Division in Southeastern Saskatchewan with an interest in learning in STEM and the role of becoming a better Treaty partner.

Audrey Aamodt (pronounced Ah-mit)

In the early 1900s, Audrey’s English, Norwegian, Swiss, & Russian-German great-grandparents immigrated to Treaty 4 and Treaty 6. They came with the intention to farm & to stay. So, Audrey refers to herself as a white, settler- Canadian & recognizes how her family benefited and continues to benefit from treaty relations, along with our treaty responsibilities.

Michael Shires

Michael is a white settler and his paternal descendants are Austrian, Irish, and English and many immigrated to Treaty 6 in the early 20th century. Michael is learning to better understand settler relationships with and obligations to Indigenous Peoples and the land.

Raquel Oberkirsch

Raquel is a white settler (descendent of European ancestors from East Galicia, Belgium, France, and Ireland) who lives on Treaty 4 territory in Weyburn, Saskatchewan. She grew up at Katepwa Lake, near where Treaty 4 was signed in Fort Qu’Appelle. Raquel currently works as a Curriculum Consultant for Indigenous & Treaty Education for South East Cornerstone Public School Division.

Dominique Ward

I am the youth resource coordinator for FHQ YAP team; I have my certificate in youth care work and have been working with youth for going on 6 years.

Jolene Creely

Jolene Creely is the Youth Community Resource Coordinator at White Raven Healing Centre. Jolene is a registered band member of Okanese First Nation of File Hills Agency in Treaty 4 Territory. Her matrilineage is of Dakota descent from Dakota Tipi, Manitoba. Her patrilineage is Assiniboine and Plains Cree from File Hills Agency. Jolene is attaining the Indigenous Communication Arts diploma from First Nations University of Canada with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. Jolene hopes to fulfill her role as a youth coordinator by revitalizing, empowering, and supporting Indigenous youth in their endeavours.

Mitchell Soo-Oyewaste

My name is Mitchell Soo-Oyewaste and I am the Youth Leadership Coordinator for the YAP (Youth Action Plan) team at White Raven Healing Centre located at the All Nations Healing Hospital.  I have a Bachelors of Arts from the First Nations University of Canada, and have been working with youth, in both a professional and volunteer capacity for 7 years. My linage comes from the Standing Buffalo Dakota Nation, Tatanka Najin.

Sara Solvey

Sara Solvey is a settler-descendant educator from kahtapwao sepe (Qu’Appelle valley) in Treaty 4 territory and a graduate of the Master of Education program at the University of Alberta. Her thesis work explored the significance of Treaty understandings in facilitating shifts in the ways educators address Indigenous perspectives in curriculum. Sara is committed to engagements with Treaty wisdom, through her workshops and consulting work, as foundational guidance for pedagogical, curricular, and reconciliatory work today.


FHQTC is the political and service organization for the Qu’Appelle Agency and the File Hills Agency, delivering programs and services to the 11 First Nations in the Treaty Four Territory.


YTC works to continuously improve the quality of life of our First Nation’s members in the communities they live. With the direction and guidance of our member nations, we provide relevant programs and services that enrich the well-being, health, and prosperity of our people.


The Saskatchewan First Nations Economic Development Network, the SFNEDN was created organically through discussions among key First Nations economic development leaders who shared common goals and a vision for First Nations economic development in Saskatchewan.


The “ultimate purpose” of the TATC is to pool scarce resources to supply technical and advisory services support to Muskowekwan, Gordon’s, Day Star and Kawacatoose First Nations.


All Nations’ Healing Hospital is owned and operated by File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council (FHQTC) and Touchwood Agency Tribal Council (TATC) and is funded through a transfer agreement from Health Canada and an operating agreement with the Saskatchewan Health Authority.


Protect, preserve and promote cultures and languages of the First Nations people of Saskatchewan. Learning our ways, speaking our languages and living our lives as given by the Creator.


Treaty Education Alliance is an educational initiative serving the First Nation Schools. TEA is committed to the development and delivery of sustainable educational processes that place children and communities at the centre of common Treaty Four school improvement.


FNUniv is a unique Canadian institution that specializes in Indigenous knowledge, providing post-secondary education for Indigenous and non-Indigenous students alike within a culturally supportive environment.


Educating Youth in Engineering and Science (EYES) works as part of the University of Regina, and is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting STEM subjects to youth throughout Southern Saskatchewan. Through hands-on science experiments and activities students are encouraged to follow their curiosities and ask questions in a safe and open environment.

UR Faculty of Engineering

The University of Regina’s Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences represents an area of study that blends creativity and imagination with science and mathematics.

UR Faculty of Science

The University of Regina’s Faculty of Science contains six departments (Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Computer Science, Geology, Mathematics and Statistics, and Physics). 


Fitness center in Fort Qu’Appelle offering coached classes in Cross Training, Barre and Spin! Cross Training classes available for all fitness levels including beginners and athletes. Regular classes are open to students age 14 – 100yrs old!


The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) works to protect our country’s most precious natural places. Proudly Canadian, we empower people to safeguard the lands and waters that sustain life.

Sport, Culture, and Recreation Districts

The Sport, Culture & Recreation Districts, funded by Saskatchewan Lotteries and located on Treaty 4 Territory are Prairie Central, South East, South West and Parkland Valley, all with a mandate to support sport, culture and recreation in the respective areas. Sport, Culture and Recreation can be a catalyst to assist in bringing people together as we recognize the past and look at how we can positively contribute to moving forward in our reconciliation and treaty education journey.


The Treaty Land Sharing Network is a group of farmers, ranchers, and other landholders who have come together to begin the crucial work of honouring Treaties. In the spirit of sharing the land, we welcome Indigenous people to access the land that we farm to practice their way of life. We are committed to implementing the Treaty relationship, engaging in ongoing learning together as we practice being Treaty people, and establishing a different way forward for rural Saskatchewan.


Bert Fox Community High School (B.F.C.H.S.) is located in the town of Fort Qu’Appelle which is nestled amongst the hills and lakes of the historical and beautiful Qu’Appelle Valley.

UR Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education is committed to treaty relations, truth, justice, and reconciliation. Students, sessional instructors, staff, and faculty, work together to honour our treaty responsibilities. It is with respect and gratitude that we collaborate, contribute, and participate in the Treaty 4 Gathering.

Saskatchewan Public and Academic Libraries

The Saskatchewan public library systems and academic libraries located on Treaty 4 Territory include Chinook, Parkland, Palliser, Regina, Southeast, and Dr. John Archer Library at the University of Regina. In recognizing the library’s place as both institution and community hub, we are committed to opening conversations and providing resources to help everyone, including ourselves, move forward together in our journey as Treaty relatives.

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